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A British researcher Mr. Simon King launched in 1993 with his other researchers and colleagues from the University of Minnesota and Badri Seshadri. This website is a news-type website and dedicated to cricket news only. This website is the big cricket news and match updates, same as the ICC Cricket website.

This cricket news website provides updated cricket news, live scores, different articles, different cricket summaries. This website has a special database called StatsGuru and has a historical cricket record from the 18th century to the present, and you can find all about cricket here that you need.

The background algorithms of this world-famous website are excellent and provide you accurate statistical results. is the web that almost covers all the cricket matches, leagues, series in the world. You also can enjoy the comments of cricket fans during ball-by-ball live written commentary on this website. You also can add your view, and the thousands of live visitors will view your live comments during the live match.


Which Team is the highest score in Test

Sri Lanka is a team that has the highest test score record in cricket history. Sri Lanka scored 952/6 and declared his innings. This highest score is the most amazing record, and cricket fans are waiting for that who will create a new world record.

England has a second record of 903/7 with declared inning. England has the third-highest score record again in test match history, and he scored 849 all out.

What is the best T20 Score in Cricket History?

T20 is a fast format of cricket and is very popular. In this format, the batsman is more hit than bowlers because this is only 20 over the game, and the batsmen have to score fast. Afghanistan has the world’s highest T20 score record in the T20 format, and he scored 278/3 against Ireland in 2019.

Australia has a second-highest T20 score record of 263/3 against Sri Lanka in 2016. India scored 260/5 against Sri Lanka in 2017. Cricket fans are waiting for the next highest score in T20, and hopefully, their wait will end this yeard 2021 because cricket is again going to start after covid-19.

The 200 Individual Score in T20

Till now, no player had scored 200 in T20 over format. However, The Australian batsman Aaron Finch broke his own T20 highest score record by hitting 172 runs in 76 balls against Zimbabwe. 

The Fastest 50 in T20 Format:

The Indian fast batsman Yuvraj Singh hits 50 runs in just 12 balls in an international match. He is a fast hitter, and he also scored six sixes in an over, which is another world record. 

Live Scores Updated at Cricinfo

This website provides you various cricket news through different sources such as cricket videos, blogs, columns, and fantasy sports games. The live cricket blog is very famous and includes a series of a scorecard that allows cricket fans to track the aspects of the current match, such as partnership breakdown and wheels. The cricket fans can also use 3d cricket information that means a deeper close up with the current match’s future results. The user can enjoy the cricket match as he wants.

ESPN Cricinfo Columns

The regular columns of this website are very popular and attract cricket lovers for the site’s daily visit. The most famous column is “Today all Yesterday” that includes the history of cricket matches of the same date. The second most famous column is “Quotes Not Quotes,” which contains the different world start cricket players. In the “ask Steven” column, Steven Lynch answers all fans’ questions about cricket every Tuesday.

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